SEO company in Gurgaon

With so many websites coming up daily, the completion between those to perform better has become fierce. A site needs to compete with lakhs of the site of its category to get better rankings.

Introduction to SEO

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization popularly called as SEO is the process through which you get your website page indexed on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. through the organic process or using paid advertisement.  It is the technique that is beneficial in providing traffic for a website with the search engines’ help.

SEO is a process that helps to get credible viewers for a website who are out looking for a kind of product or content they want. With the effective SEO process comes the website’s valuable and trustable image, that makes it popular among the viewers.

When a website invests some quality time in doing its SEO, it also helps to get better user experiences. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you should take out time to create optimal SEO methods. Hence it is an excellent way to increase website leads and conversions.

SEO-Processes Involved

We help you place your ads on all prominent social media channels whereby you can send the message across to any part of the world within seconds. It helps in engaging with your existing and prospective customers through using various means such as polls, sweepstakes, and referral programs among others.


SEO Methods

 On Page SEO

As the name suggests, in this process the website pages are optimized individually to rank higher in the relevant searches. Here the page’s content along with HTML+CSS source code is taken care of on a timely basis. While optimizing, 2-3 words are added to the URL to provide weight to the page. In simple words, it needs to be short and understandable.

 Off Page SEO

Contrary to On-Page SEO, this method uses methods apart from link building process to make the page stand out among the others.  It involves promotional methods to popularize the website. For example, a site may take Facebook’s help to promote its contents. What the viewers think about your website depends upon this fact that how well it’s off-page SEO has been done.

   Information Architecture

Your website information architecture involves page structure, types, related contents, navigation, elements, information outline, etc. These factors play an important role when a viewer browses a website. IA and SEO are used together to make things easier for the Search Engine Users who wish to see their kinds of content.


When you use the right kinds of interlinks for your page, it helps to boost the website page ranking. Links are relevant because they establish a relationship between website content and its value. The more backlinks a page contains, more Google crawlers (using Google Bot) follows these links and the page and post relations are established.

Our Approach to SEO

Nextdot is a new generation SEO agency in Gurgaon that provides the best SEO services in Gurgaon. We use advanced SEO tools and techniques to deliver the best results. We are known to give innovative SEO services to our clients so that they can achieve their business goals and profits. We use different methods so that the client’s website can get the required paid and organic search results.

We plan a website’s SEO in such a way that it fits the customers’ search requirements while accessing the particular service. We have planned our SEO packages in such a way that it suits within the client’s budget as per the service keyword.


Whether your business is small or big one or you have just started, we are here to offer you our SEO services according to the requirement. Whether you need to increase your product awareness, want better rankings for the website or want to gain more using organic clicks, we as the best SEO company in Gurgaon are here to help you out with our attractive SEO services in different ways.