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Your online reputation is defined by the contents you upload online and user-generated response to it. Any plagiarised content or negative feedback from the user on digital platforms can have a negative impact on your image effecting your rankings on the search engine as well. NextDot is the best online reputation management company in Bangalore helping you establish your positive online reputation.



Our algorithms make sure you are ahead of your competitor’s integrating best performing keywords and creative layouts that stand out from the rest. Allow the best to work when it comes to enhancing your digital presence so that you get the best ROI. Nextdot is the best online reputation management company in Bangalore that masters the art of storytelling.


Our team of skilled professionals analyze the strength of potentially damaging content on various social media platforms, blogs or sites and implement result oriented strategies that provide a sustainable solution to suppress or eliminate such content while promoting positive relevant content to boost visibility.


We not just mend the bridges but make sure they last too. Our team constantly analyses content relevant to your brand on all digital platform to eliminate any negative content to the earliest and provides with high-quality optimized content to promote the brand and improve the customer base.



A study reveals a single negative comment online can discourage 65% of your potential customers. This can make your company or brand suffer loss and reflect on the ROI. Our Online reputation management services in Bangalore can enhance your online presence and help you counter negative comments by users or competitors.


Generate positive traffic

We strategize result-oriented plans to optimize your content so that your services or products reach your targeted audience. It is important to create engaging content for the viewer’s and promote it on various social media platform and relevant high traffic sites and blogs to attract heavy traffic. Our team does all that for you while you observe the increasing number of hits on your website.

Content optimization

Search engines track your article with the help of keywords hence for your services related content to reach the masses, it is very important to include keywords and avoid plagiarism. We have our team who analyze, edit or write content that is unique and engaging as well as optimized so that you don’t miss the first page listings on search engine results.

Toxic analysis

Negativity in any form subjects to a potential threat. In the case of the world wide web, it is easy to post a review or comment. As powerful this is, it puts your brand out there in open where a single negative review can significantly impact your business. Nextdot with its advanced tools runs a deep search to detect any negative comment and provide you with a detailed analysis of the same.

Social media optimization

We evolve and reshape your digital marketing strategy to overcome the drawbacks and improvise your digital presence. Our experts can identify and wipe hideous reviews on social media platforms. We also uplift brand image and discoverability on social media with engaging content.


In the world of growing techno-friendly people reading review is a common way to judge a brand before making the purchase or availing services. In such a scenario the negative reviews or comment floating online can discourage sales and affect the growth of your brand or company. It may make you lose your existing customers while making it hard to get new ones. Our online reputation management services in Bangalore can successfully tackle such critical situation by detecting and removing negative comments and overshadowing it with positive and user engaging content.

Why I choose your agency for ORM?
Our founder won the 100 smartest digital marketers leaders award. He has expertise in ORM. So I think you can leverage his knowledge to boost your ORM.
Can you guarantee result if we hire you for ORM?
Nobody can guarantee the results. But we can surely help you in improving your reputation with our experience and expertise. We are a well known Orm agency in Delhi.
Is blogging part of ORM process?
Yes, we can use blogging to share valuable information which can over-shadow that negative content available on the web.
Which Social media platforms you use for ORM?
A positive presence across all digital platforms. In most cases Google presence is taken as a primary parameter of success.

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