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Nextdot is the best online reputation management agency in India repairing, enhancing and protecting your online reputation. We believe strictly in performance and ROI measurable results. Our result-oriented approach and emphasis on customer satisfaction have led us to be the best online reputation management companyIndia. We achieve an A+ rating from all our clients from various parts of the world.



We believe in complete transparency, building trust and relationship with our clients by sharing a detailed brief of our drafted strategy and planned implementations. We provide the client with daily analysis report that gives a fair idea about the progress of executed plans and resolves any damage efficiently.


We can boost your brand awareness by utilizing highly effective advanced search engine optimization technique and relevant market trends. Our online press release method ensures the highest rank and most visible content online reputation with excellence in the market place.


We deliver not just verbal performance but also provide our client with every day graph to track the results of the invested money. Our expert panel is constantly monitoring search engines to observe trending keywords relevant to your business as well as incorporate it in your site



We not just know, but master online reputation management in India. Our team of experts will analyze your digital profile; detect negative comment and its source. Our team then plans on the strategy to zero in the quickest way to eliminate such occurrences. Post removal our team will work towards building positive search results to improve digital status.


Reputation management

We have powerful media and PR connections to boost positive content and suppress negative results. Our online reputation management services in India are your key to build an online reputation the best way.

Web development

Web development is the most important aspect of your online reputation management services in India. Websites shall help you get a hold of powerful mainstream media and ensure the highest ranked and the most visible piece is positive and engaging.

Crisis management

Our crisis management service is guaranteed to help you suppress negative comments while promoting positive content and proactively monitor your website position. We excel the art of Crisis management with such ease that it secures your growth in the market place.

Social media services

The last few years have seen increased innovation and a huge number of active users on social media platforms. Heavy traffic makes it a good place to market product or services. Besides we master its filter tools to target specific groups which is sure to generate ample leads.


Nextdot, the best online reputation management agency in India offers to provide specialized and dedicated services to the clients. We ensure your brand doesn’t attract any criticism or malicious content. We pride upon our team and its expertise in a wide range of web design and development concept. We secure the best of buffers for your brand adding to your worth among the audience.


Our team consists of only the most experienced experts in the industry, delivering the best result. We utilize the quickest and the most efficient strategy to repair and enhance your online reputation. We offer the best online reputation management services. We not only enhance or repair but also protect your brand or business from any further damage to your online reputation.

Is it expensive to do ORM?
It depends how bad the links are and how much negative content is available out there. It’s not possible to give a rough figure because it varies.
Do large firm do their ORM?
Yes, of course, they have dedicated agencies who work for them. We have worked with some big companies for their ORM.
Can blogging help in ORM ?
Yes, it can help, more content you have on the web there are high chances of Google noticing positive content.
How much time it will take?
Usually, it takes 20 days if the people who wrote it gets ready to take it down. Otherwise, we have to make fresh content to counter that negative information which will be time-consuming.

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