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Our Online reputation management company in Mumbai works to reinstate your brand and remove negative publicity helping you build trust among the targeted audience. We get spotlight on the positivity with the help of integrated campaigns on all leading online platforms. We specialize in building the bridge between your company and the rest of the world.



We help brands establish the right message in front of the right audience. Our team is dedicated to improve your social status by submitting creative, informative and engaging content for press releases and attract traffic canceling out any existing negative review on the internet.


Our team of skilled professionals analyze the damaging content on various social media platforms, blogs or sites and implement result-oriented strategies that provide a sustainable solution to suppress or eliminate such content. And simultaneously promoting positive and relevant content to boost visibility among the audience.


We not just mend the bridges but make sure they last too. Our team constantly analyses content relevant to your brand on all digital platform to eliminate any negative content to the earliest and provides with high-quality optimized content to promote the brand and improve the customer base.



Our online reputation management company in Mumbai produces dynamic and engaging content for the clients providing an opportunity to build a stronger reputation. Our well-sought strategy will keep you on the top list of the search engines engaging the audience and creating interest among the targeted audience.


Positive PR

Enhancing your digital image is what we are best at. Our team of content writers will provide you with positive and influencing articles for press releases as well as distribute it to the most appropriate websites to engage readers and increase web traffic to your website and channels.

Search engine optimization

Investing in our online reputation management company in Mumbai will translate into growth and profits of your company. Promoting your brand is an effective mechanism to ensure you make more potential customers and retain the existing ones.

Reputation analysis & improvement

Your reputation improves the online footprint of your brand. Our specialized software helps tracks and suppresses negative content. Our experts promote positive brand sentiment protecting against negative reviews by continuously monitoring search results. We strive to improve your digital presence with improved ratings and reviews.

Social media & website management

Social media and websites are the key sources of information on the digital platform. It can help you connect with good customers and convey your services or products to the target audience. We help you utilize your online services and optimize it to get maximum traffic.


When it comes to image or brand makeover look no further. We are the best online reputation management company in Delhi NCR with trained professionals using the latest tools and techniques. We put together a result-oriented ORM plan that is tailor-made to meet your prerequisites within your budget. With Nextdot you get results beyond your expectations giving you visible results with analytics report to track the success of ORM strategies.


We are the best online reputation management agency in Mumbai giving you the power to manage what your viewers read about your brand on the internet. With power comes great responsibility rightly said so, with the growing power of internet bad reviews or criticism on an online platform can drive the traffic away giving undesirable results. Our panel of experts review your online image and strive to improve it with consistent results and measurable ROI. We excel at unifying online PR, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and rich interactive communication inspiring action to build brand value.

How social media help in ORM?
Social Media is great platform to reach out to people. So it is of great help in ORM because we can create content and share on social media which have a tendency to reach such a large audience.
Mistakes people do when doing their own ORM?
Not identifying the nature of negative links and less or no understanding of the technical aspect of Google or SERPs etc.
How to tackle negative reviews?
Negative reviews can be tackled by solving the problems of the person who commented and then request him to delete it or make content around the same so that people doesn’t get distracted.
Whats the future of reputation mangement industry?
Well, it’s huge because there is so much hate, competition in the market and people take it out over the web. So this can be very damaging to someone’s reputation. So its growing industry according to me.

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