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Google is the most thriving platform where the people search for most of the things they needed. There are many who never miss doing a google search at least once in a day. What if there is an option that you can advertise on this wonderful forum by paying only if someone clicks on your ads? Doesn’t it sound amazing? Nextdot, a PPC/Google AdWords company in Delhi NCR can help you in getting you those valuable clicks.



The first and foremost step in running up an Adwords campaign is to set up an account for you. Then a perfect campaign will be designed in an innovative manner so as to attract as many customers as possible. This campaign can be done based on the type of business, market trends, and your budgets. We make sure that each and every detail of your company is included in this campaign.


Under this process, we will monitor your Google Adwords account on your behalf. We will be noting down the web traffic, the location of the customers, customer profile and other relevant details that would impact the sale of the product. It would be made sure that there will be timely sharing of the data so that the course corrections can be done as soon as possible.


We continuously aggregate information through the campaign, using our software to compile and analyze that information – sometimes further refined by human analysts. The resulting information is packaged according to client specifications and delivered to those clients in a timely fashion, i.e., as close to real-time as possible.


The most relevant keywords would help you in diverting the attention of the customers to your site. We help you in identifying those keywords by carrying out adequate research in the areas related to your business. A considerable amount of time would be devoted to this so that the keywords obtained would serve the purpose better. We use the most advanced keyword research tools to ensure high-quality results.


Conversion tracking

We track the Number of conversions which will help in understanding the business you got by running the Ad campaign. Which is useful for future Ad Campaigns Strategy.

Competitive research

Knowing the position of your competitors would help you in improving your marketing strategy. Here, the strategies of your top competitors are analyzed.

Budget management

The PPC cost management would help in making adequate returns on every single unit of money you have spent on the ads. This involves changing the strategy as and when required.

Landing page development

The landing page will be displayed if someone clicks the online advertisements. The main purpose of this page is to generate as many leads as possible

What makes us unique

The most important thing that gives us the position of the best PPC/Google Adwords agency in Delhi NCR is our efficient way of utilizing the wonderful platform of the internet which offers countless benefits to our clients. We work on each and every aspect of Google Adwords services. Being the best PPC/Google Adwords company in Delhi NCR, we work not only on creating the ads but also help our clients in maintaining them. Whenever you are in the need of the PPC/Google Adwords services in Delhi NCR, approach us without any second thoughts.


We are a well-known PPC/Google Adwords agency in Delhi NCR who provide quality services at the most affordable costs. We have a team of well-trained professionals for whom the customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. Our team gives adequate attention to each of our clients. We constantly update ourselves with each and every new invention coming in this segment. We keep informing about the same to our clients. We helped a numerous number of our clients in making their PPC campaign successful. We provide guaranteed results if given proper time and information.

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