Social Media Marketing in India

Social media marketing is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and a massive amount of traffic if implemented well. Next dot is the best social media marketing company in India that specializes in creating content or posts that are engaging and catchy for various social media platforms to engage the target audience.



The traditional means of marketing cannot offer half of what social media can offer. With social media, it is possible to give individual attention to every engagement received. The individualized approach is the best way to meet the client need and we understand this well. Our team constantly reaches out to the targeted audience relevant to your business and promotes your services.


Assessment is conducted using export tools and a thorough check is performed on all the digital content of a specific brand or company. ROI assessment and competitive analysis is performed to understand your business and plan an ad campaign accordingly.


We use analytics to explore and find key personas and engagement points for composing an effective ad campaign. Social media is an effective tool to nurture and grow your audience base while generating potential leads through engaging content.



Facebook is the most popular social media platform with the maximum number of active users throughout the day. There are 500 million active users who spent on an average 2-4 hours a day on its app. The regular number of active users makes it the best marketplace to promote your product or services. Our Experts excel at creating an engaging Facebook ad campaign that is target specific.


Social media marketing

We deliver results across owned media, paid media and earned media. Exceptional and relevant social media influencers built lasting trust while addressing your immediate ROI. Our skilled professionals are trained to handle various approaches to promote services on social media platforms.


Successful SEO takes lots of work, consistent efforts, patience, fresh, relevant and engaging content. While SEM is built on analytics however both are long term ROI. We tackle both the strategy with advanced tools and technique that keeps us ahead in the race.

Local listing management

There are quite several search engines available and if not submitted to each you might be missing potential leads. We keep them all updated for you and improve your searchability. We also track all the reviews and comments on the search engine and suppress any negative activity.

Content strategy

Content that engages is the content that converts and generates potential leads. Our experts create the perfect content for your brand while addressing your immediate sales to built brand awareness and drives traffic to the website.


We are one of the best social media marketing agency in India with strong expertise in various niche. We help you in empowering your business with a tailor-made digital marketing strategy perfect for you. We are a close-knit team of highly skilled creative professionals with an eye for details. Our goal is to build a long-term brand and strong ROI with consistent availability and social presence.


Nextdot is the best social media marketing company in India creating content for social distribution, starting a conversation and connecting brands to the masses through social platforms. Measuring the impact of social media and its key performance indicators we help companies better utilize their social media profiles for customer engagement through social media marketing services in India.

How much budget is required for SMM?
It totally depends on the size of the audience you want to reach and the amount of post you want in a month or week.
How a small firm can compete with large firm on SMM?
Content creation can help a small firm in competing for a large firm if done rightly. Use your talent to create relatable and trending content. Which have the probability of getting viral. You can outrank your competition with this.
Is blogging a part of SMM?
Well, technically they are different but connected internally. You can give your audience a better understanding by driving them to your blogs from your social media handle.
Can we expect direct sales from SMM campaigns?
Yes, that’s possible by creating a well designed and valuable landing page. You can directly send your Social Media audience to that landing page to close the deal.

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