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The major reason behind the invention of social media is to improve the interconnectedness among people for personal reasons. Now, it has become a platform where many of the businesses flourish through advertisements. Are you a company who wants to have more benefits from social media, then contact Nextdot, a social marketing company in Mumbai.



Under this process, the plan which had been formulated is put into action. The information regarding the brand is uploaded in a number of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The details about the brand are presented in an innovative manner using some pictures and videos. This would help in generating interest among the people regarding the product.


Engaging the customers would help in understanding the extent of willingness among the people to buy your product. In some cases, the product may be on the verge of losing its popularity. This could be due to the counter strategy adopted by any competitor organization. During such critical emergencies, customer engagement would help in finding the source of the problem and rectify it.


This is the most advanced level of customer engagement. Here, the interactions with the customers would be done in a creative way. The competitions which showcase the brand will be conducted and the prizes will be awarded. The offers and special discounts will be provided for a particular group of potential customers. This would definitely create a significant impact on the customers regarding your brand.



Any brand would get projected well in the market only if has the best branding technique. This should be conceived after thorough research regarding the brand in the market. Most importantly, the strategy should be devised in such a way that it attracts a maximum number of people. It is also important to find the most appropriate social media platform which would increase the brand value.


Page creation

We help you create an attractive social media page which would be appealing to millions of the people using that particular media. The page will be customized based on your needs

Social media advertising

The advertisement for the product is done on many of the relevant social media pages. These pages will be selected depending on the nature of your products.

Profile building

Your profile speaks volumes about your product. It would help in creating a unique identity to your brand and this needs to be given special consideration. This process would be carried out according to the type of media.

Content optimization

Every social media requires the content to be presented in it in a different way. The same message cannot be posted in all the platform. So we modify the contents according to the type of social media you prefer.


To make us the best social media marketing company in Mumbai, we always strive for excellence in our services. The major policy of our company is that we give equal importance to all the customers who are approaching us. We are always ready to answer their queries with full attention. The major thing that decides the best social marketing agency in Mumbai is the cost factor. Nextdot provides the best social media marketing services in Mumbai at the best prices. This makes our clients be with us always.


Nextdot was started as the social media marketing agency in Mumbai to help the business people to utilize the marketing potential of various social media. We have an energetic team who has expertise in devising various marketing strategies in this amazing platform. For us, customer satisfaction comes first before everything. We interact with our customers on a regular basis to ensure that our services are provided according to their demands. We also make them updated whenever there is an entry of a new social media marketing service in Mumbai.

How we can measure our SMM success?
Well, every platform has its analytics section which gives a deep understanding of all your posts. You can track the results and success can be measured.
How long SMM take to show results?
If you already have a relevant subscriber base then it will immediately start showing you the result. Otherwise first creating an audience and making engaging content can take around 4 months for visible results.
Common mistakes Social Media Marketers make?
Not involving themselves into the conversation. Not being helpful to their audience and not adding value to their life are mistakes many Social Media Marketers make.
How to grow subcribers on Social Media?
Content is the king. It can drive traffic with a little bit of marketing.

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