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No place other than the social media which offers amazing connectivity to the millions of people. So, it would be smarter to use it for the promotion of your business. You just need a social media marketing company to help you in devising a variety of strategies for the effective utilization of this platform. Nextdot is one such social media marketing company in Delhi NCR who offers the best services. We have experience of working in different sectors. Which help us in giving you the required solution as per your goal.

What We Do

Content Strategy

After the creation of the account, a social media marketing plan must be formulated by identifying the target audience based on the needs of the client. The target audience can be identified based on the key phrases used in the social media, age group of the customers, marital status etc. The plan which aptly showcases the client in a better way would be selected.

Social Campaigning

Depending on the plan, different options can be used for social media marketing. Social media contests can be conducted. Coupons can also be provided. This stage involves significant interactions between the client and the target audience. This is not limited to one social media website but extended to every social media website. The strategy can be altered based on the responses.

Social Intelligence

In this process, the different social media platforms are synchronized into one. Any changes in one media would get reflected in other platforms too. This process would make social media marketing even simpler and the content would have a wider reach. In this way, this helps in achieving a real-time online conversation which would help the clients to achieve the benefits in a very short period.


This is the initial stage where the company and the clients get into the actual collaboration. The customers must share their details regarding their presence in social media. A new business account will be created, and it will be connected to our business account which is linked to various social media. Once the approval is done, the account will be ready for the further process.


Content development

The brand value of a product will be found only by the content used for its description. Our content development will be customized based on the needs of the clients.

Social contest development

Conducting various contests would help in improving engagement with the target audience. We are specialized in developing many interesting contests which attracts a lot of people.

Social media posting

Consistency is needed for any process to succeed. This holds well for social media operations too. To keep your brand always in the minds of the customers, we regularly update your pages in a professional manner.

Social media measurement

Unless we know the reach of our campaign, we cannot figure out the success of our strategy. For ensuring this, there should be some measurement. We have a team for daily optimization.


Our customer-friendly approach makes us the best social media marketing company in Delhi NCR. We have started our company with the main aim of helping every business irrespective of their scale to achieve enormous growth within a short period. We are always in an alert mode to cater to the needs of our clients anytime making us be the best social media marketing agency in Delhi NCR. In addition to this, we are providing the best social media marketing services in Delhi NCR at the most reasonable prices.


Nextdot is the social media marketing agency in Delhi NCR which offers the best services in this area. Our major focus is to ensure the greatest satisfaction of our clients. We provide a wide range of customization to suit the specific needs of each client. Our social media marketing services in Delhi NCR are increasing day by day which is clear proof of our quality. Our team of experts is actively engaged in updating their knowledge in these marketing strategies to provide the services according to the latest trends.

Why Social Media Marketing is important ?
First of all, Social Media Marketing has a huge network. And you can target your ideal customer. With the audience selection filter they have. Which allow you to drive relevant traffic onto your site.
Which platforms you use for Social Media Marketing?
We use all the available Social Media platforms. But it also depends on the client’s requirement. Then we blend accordingly.
How to add value to my brand on social Media?
Well, uploading content which is relevant to your niche can add value to your brand on social media.
Is video marketing important in SMM?
Well if we look at the analytics people engage more with the video content. So adding videos to your Social Media can increase your audience engagement.

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